“His songwriting is grand enough to fill his contemporaries with oceans of envy…
Though the whole LP flows with wonderful tunes, we feel a stand-out would be the beautifully done, ‘Aussi loin que la lune’ drenched in atmosphere and building to a magnificent climax. Matt Tomlinson’s Un été en hiver is one of the best albums of 2015.”
– Canadian Music Blog

“He seems like the kind of guy that would help you shovel out your car in the middle of a blizzard… An Ontarian Jean Leloup…”
– Bucket List

“Another Montreal original… His crafted songwriting recalls Neil Young and Bob Dylan.”
– Pop Montreal

“The songs presented here are so singable… ‘Evening Train’ has perfect mood to it. Somewhat cheerful, but more reflective; like driving home in the suburbs and along the border of a city. ‘Wondering Why’ gave me chills every time I heard the song. I’m getting chills right now thinking of it…”

“Masterful Songwriting”
– Duncan Garage Showroom

“His songs swoop like hawks over small towns at the heart of us all. Turn on the broke baroque fountains. This is music with sauce, grace, and soul.”
– Glia.ca

“His vocals have the roughness of a troubadour, and his chord progressions offer more than the simplicity of many folk musicians.”
– The Void